Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Terminating the Grid

Finally got out to see David Fincher's The Social Network (2010). What can I that hasn't already been said. I'm sure this will place in my top ten for the year. Completely brilliant from start to finish with no wasted frames. Love this movie and what it says about about our culture and society. 8/10

Lady Terminator (1988) was tonights Horror Movie Night selection. Good thing cuz I've been wanting to see this for ages and keep putting it off. Super trashy and filled with head-scratching dialogue. Super fun and highly recommended. 6.8/10

Had The Burning (1981) DVD from my library (?!) and figured I better watch it. Essentially apes Friday the 13th with kids and counselors terrorized by a giant scissors wielding maniac. Good Savini work but so-so film. Still cool to watch and interesting commentary by Savini. (666th film this year!) 6.6/10
  • November New: 8
  • November Re-watch: 0
  • November Total: 8
  • 2010 TOTAL: 666

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