Sunday, December 28, 2003

been a nice quiet weekend. not enough sleep tho. jabber came up to visit his last remaining chicago friends and brought me a couple of gifts i wasn't expecting (added to the list below). it was a nice visit -- hit sweet tomatoes for dinner and stopped in mitsuwa's asahiya bookstore where i picked up the january hyper hobby that included a miniature mechagodzilla, which is very cool!

last night watched amazing HD programming on INHD while we chatted. apparently he met a chick from romania online and plans to visit her in february. strangely enough we never spoke about it. hit mrs. v's for b-fast then jabber split to visit another friend today leaving me w/the final NFL games and plenty of catch-up reading. despite jabber living in portland i've seen plenty of him this year... esp. after the week we spent in idaho traversing the sawtooth mts last september. his seasonal visit was short this time but still good.

oh yeah, i finally beat all the silver level oceans in zoocube to reach the gold level that is crazy insane. and i crushed my previous high score in the process. back to work tomorrow. fun.

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