Sunday, December 14, 2003

pretty much a throwaway day -- considering i spent a lot of it dozing on the couch while football played on the widescreen. that's what happens when stakk doesn't bag until 6am or so. hey the bears won again! yay for rex grossman. wanted to hit champs to take in that dallas/washington game but too tired and too cold out. brrrrrr.

between 4am & 5-ish something this morning, i demolished my previous zoocube high score. in huge fashion. and that was w/o playing for a week nor trying. yes, i am proud. spent the evening working on my dad's car wash site while watchin' the Red Dwarf 2 dvd set. so far i'm pleased w/how the site is turning out, considering i haven't designed a site in years and had to learn things all over.

just ordered another 100 DVDr blanks and fired up a frozen cheese pizza. this is what happens when one doesn't leave the apt all day. oh yeah, i found an "awful" little present in my inbox tonite. i laughed loudly at that one! spice, you kill me. been having a helluva time d/l torrent of gungrave ep01. after watchin' fansub of 06, i really wanna check that series out from the beginning. i believe it's scheduled for a '04 domestic release.

have i mentioned that i'm still freaked that webmama stopped by chimptalk yesterday? besides the embarrassment, i have no clue how to respond. suggestions?

pizza's done.

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