Friday, December 12, 2003

let's review. my bulk order of poster frames finally arrived while i was hob-knobbing @mccormick during the SES conference so tonite i made the effort to place all the corresponding posters/art in said frames.

i'm talking about four 27x40 movie posters, a 24x36 movie poster, five 11x17 original comic art pages/prints, and a 16x20 frame for 2 8x11 prints. these are FrameUSA frames you usually find in the stores but for a fraction of the price, i.e. a 11x17 @$4.15/pc. i wish i add the bucks for _nice_ framing jobs but been there done that and it's effing expensive. even the DIY jobbies. but for the low price, i think these will do for the time being and look decent.

now i gotta get all these up on the walls. that should prove to be an event by itself.

i did a sick thing this morning and placed a $177 order from five japanese toy mags for $62 + $13 s&h (i later discovered). along w/those -- and my original reason for being at YesAsia -- i finally ordered the 12" Kerberos Panzer Cop -- the Yamato Shop version -- for the bargain price of $102 w/free s&h. yes, this is the "Jin-Roh" cop.

how the Yamato Protect Gear ver. is different than the other 6 or 7 versions i'm not exactly certain since i've yet to see one of these incredible figures in person. there was a domestic release of this figure at the beginning of the year for around $75 but it sold out w/in a month. i totally missed the boat. the previous more expensive versions were long sold out before the US version. another option was the Japanese TRU exclusive for around $160+s&h but i kept passing on that one.

check out all the various releases of this amazing figure at the bottom of this page. some of these originally went for 100s of dollars and were extremely limited. if i was of money, a millionaire type, i'd be buying up most of the figures on that page... or hunting down those that are technically no longer available and probably going for $1000s on the secondary market now. it's a sick hobby for rich toygeeks.

A3 did fine on letterman tonite w/the standard "all on black" -- commendable. finally killed that finale of average joe and i knew that idiot would pick the stupid pretty boy over the way cool adam. that clown that she picked has almost as much depth as the 3rd finger on my right hand. man, i'm tired.

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