Thursday, December 04, 2003

hey kids, it's thursday and stakk didn't sleep last night. yeah, i know, so what else is new, right? ok, so i watched Funny Face (killer audrey hepburn flick -- man, is she smokin' in that) then settled into Mario Sunshine for an hour afterwhich i mainlined ZooCube until 4-sometime. attempted sleep to no avail so i went to the 'net for some authoring research around 6am.

came in early and back to grind. gettin' back to work after my extended holiday wasn't so bad b/c i'm working on a massive project that involves 5 team members. it's a ticket broker and i'm responsible for concerts and theatre. it's tedious monkey work but doesn't require much thinking, which is exactly what i needed this week.

my region 3 godzilla dvds still haven't arrived from HK. that concerns me. my bulk picture frame order still hasn't arrived. that concerns me. however, my cambridge satellites and subwoofer have shipped! sweet jesus if they arrive by the weekend. doubtful.

update: trukpro & dogs made it back safe & sound in a short 19hrs straight thru. sis & baby are doing well. and i'm still looking for my next fix of ZooCube.

back to the wheel...

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