Saturday, December 13, 2003

left the apt around 2:50PM to catch the 3:45 matinee of Bad Santa out @streets. traffic wasn't bad - didn't take as long as expected to get out there and find parking in the holiday congestion so i scoped some sales at carsons w/plans to head back after the flick.

flick was great. profane as all hell and irrevocably offensive. i laughed loudly during a few moments as did most of the sparse "older" set watching w/me. i was happy for that. it's not often you'll find a flick as coarse as Bad Santa on the big screen. thanks to all who told me i _had_ to see it.

walked out into chicago's 1st snowfall and headed to carsons where i proceeded to spend nearly $200 on sale clothes. half i needed -- dress clothes of which i no longer have (until now) -- the other half were just crazy insane deals. sorry, i'm just not one to pass on $12.49 RuffHewn longsleeves (normally $36!).

so from there to tower records to peruse the magazines. bad move. picked up $40 in mags. christ, when am i gonna read all these?! also grabbed the bondage dorothy from mcfarlane's twisted land of oz. and i didn't have to pay $20 for this one!

flounder called while i was there. guess he was just leaving the same area and on the way home w/a new gamecube and 3 games in tow. he sez he picked up THUG used at BB. if so, he'll love that game.

now onto IKEA where i ended up closin' the place. i'm surprised they still close at 10PM during the season. only nabbed a few items as i was there mainly to check some things for new shelf possibilities. grabbed a couple 50 cent dogs on the way out and still hit the 10pc meal on the way home. ugh. ran over to the cool BB near me to use my free rental coupon before it expired and made it in just before midnight. i'm cashed.

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