Friday, December 05, 2003

so last night... er, this morning i was up zoocubing until 5:14AM. advanced 2 more levels to a crazy insane level (Arctic Ocean) where a new animal pipeline opens beneath the cube. and the animals are flyin' in. but i killed my high scores w/some new techniques i learned. sweet stuff. like you care, right?

did get about 3hr sleep. started watching The Good, Bad & The Ugly dvd last night... such a classic. looks like no speakers today. but my region 3 godzilla dvds arrived and a $15 cert for Ballbuster Video. can always use that.

i'm gettin' crushed at work but at least being busy makes the time fly... next week we have a trade at mccormick place. that should be interesting. it feels like my eyes are about to fall out of my head... crapple looks doubtful tonight.

okay, off to see my realtor. yep, he still calls me.

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