Sunday, December 14, 2003

man, i _really_ need to get that new tungsten pronto.

so i go to the *good* BB tonite to use my free monthly rewards rental coupon before it expires on the 15th. as i've mentioned before, i intended to rent Gen-Y Cops eventually since my ghetto BB "lost" their copy when i was on that month-long rental binge...

1st, i can't locate it on the shelf. ask the kid to look it up. nothing. wtf? so i scan the action section from the beginning... and the dvd turns up, in the J's -- "jackie chan presents the Gen Y Cops" ugh. their system is so effed up.

so i take it home and fire it up while i'm sorting thru all my latest purchases... and immediately i recognize the flick. i've seen this before! and maybe i own it? ...but it's not listed in my database? but i have seen it! when, i dunno. movie channel maybe? but it scares me b/c until tonite i was under the complete impression that i had never seen this movie.

i'm sure this is just the beginning as more junk enters my mind and my mind continues to age. i really need to get my head around my compulsive obsessiveness. agh... i look forward to next weekend already.

btw, Gen-Y Cops is silly stupid. but Maggie Q is still smokin'.
Maggie Q-licious

pAT, have you watched that Naked Weapon flick i loaned you?

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