Tuesday, December 23, 2003

i turn the corner into elliot's off-broadway deli this morning and guess who's standing there waiting for her order? yep, kansas. she looks over her shoulder as i stumble in and gives the old eye contact. the moment is frozen. i'm stunned.

it's like running into a supermodel at starbucks. 'course, kansas _could_ be a supermodel. as i enter the joint i exchange the usual pleasantries with Yun (Yung? Yoen? Yong? Yon? Jong? Jueng?) and kansas gives a couple more glances over my way.

the "what's she looking at?" thought bubble appears above my head.

"she's probably wondering what a disheveled, unshaven, bloated chipmunk-head is doing in her building."

up to this point i was fairly certain she had no idea i even existed. this morning confirms that belief. but now she knows...

as sean connery would say, "the game is afoot, trebek."

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