Monday, December 15, 2003

humorous end of day ICQ dialogue w/pAT...

pAT (04:32 PM) :
On another topic, I watched the first episode of that 2-episode Battle Of The Planets mini DVD. I had forgotten how bad the Sandy Frank version was. Truly painful. I also forgot that Casey Kasem did Jason's voice. I hate that fucker.
slickstakk (04:35 PM) :
hahaha! i wonder if i've seen that version? bring that by next time. i wanna check that out. in related other topic news, i started watching that Battlestar Galactica miniseries last night. call me easily impressed, but i dig it immensely.
pAT (04:35 PM) :
I'm glad. I discussed that with the other resident geek here and we agreed we weren't THAT nostalgic for BG.
slickstakk (04:40 PM) :
probably the best thing about new series is that it makes no apologies for the utter and complete loss of human life in cold, calculating Cylon ways. that's probably the most impressive aspect of it. sure there's the melodrama but when the Cylons drop the hammer, there is no mercy. and it is catastrophic. this is far and away not old school Galactica...
pAT (04:42 PM) :
Oh! I thought you meant you had started watching the classic series you bought. So how do you like the new one in spite of the massive changes?
slickstakk (04:44 PM) :
yes, i like it immensely for the reasons above: the Cylons are pure and evil dicks that kill every human in sight w/no remorse. natch, they are machines.
pAT (04:46 PM) :
I guess we won't be seeing the Enemy Mine-type episode with Starbuck and the Cylon trapped on the snow planet.
slickstakk (04:47 PM) :
which is aped from the "Gorn" star trek episode!
pAT (04:49 PM) :
Which one is that?
slickstakk (04:49 PM) :
where Kirk and the reptilian Gorn are trapped on a barren planet left to fight to the death.
slickstakk (04:50 PM) :
it's probably one of my fav ST eps.
slickstakk (04:52 PM) :
i'd love to have a nice 12" figure of Gorn!
pAT (04:52 PM) :
Yeah, but in that one they were forced by a superior alien race. I really don't see the similarity. Sure Kirk and the Gorn cooperate at the end but I'd say that's really not the same as that BG episode or Enemy Mine.
pAT (04:53 PM) :
yes, thank you. I know what a Gorn looks like.
slickstakk (04:57 PM) :
haha! well, you did ask which one was that when i said "Gorn" episode, the only ep in which he appeared. i think Galactica used the same idea, stick the best gunslinger/pilot on the planet w/the equilivant Cylon... and Enemy Mine was the same idea w/a different twist. not that the Star Trek version was an original idea. just looking at it from a sci-fi POV. man, we're facking geeks.
pAT (05:04 PM) :
You think that's bad, one of the guys here came over the other day and asked what that movie was with the blond being chased by an albino that also starred a comedian who was dead. I immediately knew he was talking about Foul Play with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase but I wasn't sure if the comedian he was referring to was Billy Barty who had a bit-part but whom I wouldn't really consider a comedian. Turns out he was referring to Dudly Moore who also had a bit part but I couldn't think of his name and had to look it up on IMDb.
slickstakk (05:06 PM) :
that was a good movie!
pAT (05:07 PM) :
Kojak! Bang Bang!

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