Monday, December 15, 2003

today i had the misfortune of crossing paths with too-much-cologne man on the stairs in my office building. the stink stuck on me and inhabited the stairway area -- when i returned over an hour later, it was still there looming. just thinking about it now is nauseating me.

i saw kansas leave for lunch. at this point i figure i'm only a few degrees away from stalker mode on this one. i'm crazy about that grrl.

The Creature arrived today and this is easily the most gorgeous figure i've seen from sideshow. and the packaging is so beautiful i almost don't wanna remove the poor guy. my digital eyes dvd order also made an appearance and apparently someone drove their car over the box b/c the plastic cases were crushed and shattered into tiny pieces. the DVDs inside appear to be okay at first glance but the cases are totally unusable. i'm going to snap some shots and see if DE will replace the cases. one is a 3-disc case too... ruined.

i'm too tired to be here today. i just hope i'm rested for the xmas party wednesday evening. ah, MNF tonite. couch dozing. here's to a dolphins victory.

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