Thursday, December 18, 2003

surprise. surprise.

i'm still recovering from the company xmas party last night. i'm not sure if it was the heavy alcohol mix of wine-liquor-beer, smoking a cigar _and_ inhaling, or the 3"x3" half inch thick slab of butter i ate on a dare that did me in. probably a combination of all the above.

i wouldn't have gone in today if not for the morning meeting w/our chicago Google rep. and even that encounter was rough going. took an early lunch and chilled for a couple of hours... felt a little better.

there are "stories" from last night, in particular the near fisticuffs with a gaggle of women my wingman managed to defuse. it was tense for a while there. i won't go into details here but suffice it say i won't be going back to the bar at magnum's again. matter of fact, i'm pretty sure i'm no longer welcome there.

quote of the night:
"you haven't lived life until you've had at least one STD" - The Wizard

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