Saturday, December 27, 2003

RE: xmas aftermath wrap-up

xmas day wasn't so bad over at Duck's house. she's a sweet, eccentric woman w/a multitude of shadowboxes full of tiny things spotted across the walls everywhere. she also has a "snowman" room. yep, a year-round display of her snowman collection. spent 6 hours there. i figure it's only one day of the year so what the hell... picked up past0r and hit the late show of Return of the King. very cool, if not a tad over the top, final chapter of the trilogy. look forward to the SE DVD.

here's a list of gifts one receives when no one asks for a xmas list:
microwave top cover
flannel pajama pants
gray sweater
navy sweater
beige sweater
forest green turtleneck
black fleece pullover
navy fleece pullover
box of chocolates
Boulevard Brewing sampler pack
Independent Cycle Inc. black long sleeve t-shirt
American Ironhorse Motorcycles black t-shirt
Lonestar Early Bronco Club 2004 calendar
HANA-Red "Panties on Fire" CD
Go-Torch alcohol stove & stand
Next Adventure t-shirt

interestingly enough i don't wear sweaters or turtlenecks let alone pullovers. considering i spent nearly $500 in the last month on clothes the last thing i needed was _clothes_ ...but no one asked. (can ya guess which gifts trukpro gave me?)

this year no games. no books. no dvds. no gift certs. that about sums it up. anyways, it's the thought that counts, right? ~sigh~

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