Thursday, December 25, 2003

well, it's officially xmas. yawn. rather uneventful thus far w/the abbreviated annual eve gathering @my stepbrother's. the family is divided this year all over the country for various reasons so the usual wasn't to be this year. fine by me.

at least my stepbro came thru w/the blvd brewing xmas sampler pack. i love getting microbrews as a gift. after some much needed sleep tonight the festivities kick off at Duck's pad. not looking forward to that. if you recall, she's my stepmom's batty hockey groupie friend. she's a nice woman but way too much midwestern mentality for me.

i enjoy being home w/the 'rents for the holiday but i finally finished getting my a/v rig set up. had to bolt before getting a chance to put it thru the paces. i miss my gamecube too. i was on a zoocube roll during the wee hours this morning. i will conquer the Arctic Sea soon enough. i miss my cable modem. i had to complete a couple ebay paypal transactions which took about an hour on my dad's dial-up. ugh.

mom should be home from the late service any minute now. sleep is calling.

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