Sunday, April 18, 2004

my day of misadventure began when i left to return BB rentals realizing i hadn't dressed appropriately; it was too warm for warm-up pants! plus i had forgotten my EB & Gamestop discount cards. so i returned home, changed, found the cards and headed back out for Old Orchard. had under 2hrs to hit some game stores before i had to be @village 18 for The Punisher.

upon arriving @skokie blvd i decided to peruse the BB there b/c they have the best selection of PVDs i've seen in the area. found a couple of things and was held up by an overly mouthy mgr who couldn't keep her trap shut. fucking annoyed i finally got out of there and parked at the wrong entrance @old orchard and had some difficulty finding the EBX store. once there i searched all the used GB games contemplating which were the best value. picked 5 and checked out only to discover that i never put the discount cards in my wallet. good going, dumbass. so no discount unless i return w/the card. great.

fucking annoyed i decide that w/only 30min on the clock i may not make it down to village 18 for the 1:50pm showtime so i park my car in another location at OO and decide to check movie times there (duh, i had totally forgotten there was a theater there). checked vindigo on my Clie first and couldn't find the theater so i ran inside only to discover that the theater was right next to the damn EBX store. doh! i do the 1:45 showing of The Punisher. it was a cool flick 'cept for the assholes talking around me during the entire viewing. thankssomuch.

movie over, i head back to the car only to see from a distance that i pulled a dorfman and left my back windows down! oh this is great. w/my just purchased games in the back seat, PVDs in the front along w/a dozen or so CD cases + 3 full CD wallets. smooth one. get to car to find nothing disturbed. talk about being relieved! head home and drag my bike out for an hour ride. now i'm cooling down in wait for the 10:30 Rasputina show tonight. i'll be glad when this stupid sunday is over...

Capturing the Friedmans (2-disc)
Melvin Goes To Dinner
Yu Yu Hakusho vol 1 & 2

Pokemon Yellow - Special Pikachu Edition (GB)
Bomberman (GB)
Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)
Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBA)
Megaman Xtreme (GBA)

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