Sunday, April 04, 2004

yesterday (up to this afternoon) was rather fulfilling for a change.
crashed around 4AM and back up between 8 and 9.
9:30 on the road into the city to meet raydeen for b-fast @Wishbone.
after our satisfying meal we head over to hi-fi to find out they are closed.
so we hoof over to evil clown, buy some CDs then back hi-fi to buy 2 brides tix.
noon on the road to yorktown to meet capt'n gristlecakes.
arrive 1:30, get hellboy tix and proceed w/watching the 2hr flick. it was decent.
afterwards we split - those 2 head back to batavia. i head home.
5:30 grab grub, eat, organize DVDs for movie nite.
6:30 back on the road into the city to pick up phixed.
7:30 w/phixed in tow arrive at park west for the buckethead show.
8:30 buckethead begins; over at 9:23. take phixed home.
9:56 hit 290 in the loop; 10:30 take hwy 31 exit to batavia.
arrive a few minutes later for movie night w/the guys.
chat for a while then fire up "wisconsin death trip" followed by "Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla"
then "Hell's Highway - The True Story of Highway Safety Films" caps the morning as we doze off around 5AM (6AM).
up around 11:30 (daylight savings time) and off to IHOP for brunch.
back at my apt around 3PM; nap at 4, up at 8 for the sopranos. whew.

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