Thursday, April 08, 2004

recapping wednesday flight into montreal...

tip #1: get a passport. period.

besides being the all-purpose best ID you can have, flying into canada requires it. birth certificate? forget about it. they don't care about that anymore. somehow, i made it thru customs and immigration after much ballyhoo and interrogation. fun stuff. no, not really. so now i'm a on list that says i cannot enter canada w/o a passport next time. merci.

after checking in our hotel we stride up to st laurant street where cheeky restaurants line the street... jonboy decides on the one w/the best looking scenery. no non-smoking/smoking sections here... all-smoking all the time. nice! waitress was a ringer for mtv's trishelle only hotter but equally as ditzy. i have the best seat as the other blonde number waiting tables is in my line of sight most of the evening (waitresses here clad in matching black leather minis and go-go boots... hhhhhot). also plenty of french canadian hotties at all the nearby tables. dinner was excellent despite the shoptalk until 11pm. and trishelle entertained us w/her story of seeing the britney spears concert.

turn in and end up partly watching one of the star trek movies in french (almost all of 40 channels are in french). catch a talkshow that features several of the french hotties from Les Gladiatrices and later Carmen Electra shows up. interesting to watch despite the language barrier. ah well. bedtime.

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