Saturday, April 17, 2004

no feel meso i guess there's a Lost in Translation DVD backlash? at least that's ebertroeper said tonight on their show. i guess those that didn't see it in the theater aren't getting the same warm-fuzzies from watching it for the first time on DVD. that somehow the isolation and loneliness isn't "translate" as well thru the small screen or something. i wouldn't know; i saw it in the theater. shame if you didn't... the movie rocked. but at least there's a reason if you're not feelin' it off the tv.

long day started w/Kill Bill Vol 2 around 2pm w/past0r and sal. afterwards into the far north side for the best biryani on devon @ghareeb nawaz. totally fulfilled on the verge of uncomfortable we stopped to shop at traders where i picked up 4 or 5 different bars of soap. raydeen convinced me that going back to the bar was a good idea afterall. hit some more stores and finally got outta their hair after about 9hrs together. back in time for roep a dope and roger.

oh yeah, KBv2 was excellent as everyone says despite being an almost completely different move than KBv1. it was a rich experience and i look forward to seeing it again soon.

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