Monday, April 26, 2004

Overclocking your Gameboy Advance. This is serious. So take it seriously.

my weekend pokemon binge wasn't nearly quite as extreme as led to believe. I'm guess only around 15-18 hrs total. it's hard to say really since i was doing other things a lot of the while. but i was consumed by it. besides picking up provisions at traders on saturday i also ran into worst mart for a few things. ended up buying 4 more unnecessary $5.50 DVDs: Dual to the Death, Freddy Got Fingered, The Deep, and Godzilla (Emmerich version). i have no explanation as to why i bought these. and i'm not playing Sapphire yet... i'm still widdling my way thru Yellow and don't wanna bail on it yet despite the prettiness of Sapphire. matter o'fact, i'm gonna pick up Silver later this week.

btw, spice's atlanta grape crush clip finally made the jimmy kimmel show tonight.

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