Tuesday, April 13, 2004

(watching Al Franken on Howard's E! show and it's just as funny as the original radio broadcast) i'm always relieved when i finish my taxes. sure, mine are easy but i'm such a procrastinator w/them even tho i always receive a nice return. which in turn prompts me to buy more gadgets (see below). w00t! my celebratory dinner was a small lou from Lou Malnati's. w00tx2!

i told myself before the week started that i would leave the office early everyday to make up for the work infringement on a company holiday last week. instead i've somehow managed to work an additional 1.5 hrs on top of my regular hours! wtf?! that and this confounded cold virus i picked up during the montreal trip have put me in a rather cantankerous mood. hrmph!

tuesday acquistions:

Kill Bill Vol 1
Reservoir Dogs SE
The Vampire Effect (aka The Twins Effect)
Samurai Fiction

Yakuza: Japan's Criminal Underworld
"Out" by Natsuo Kirino

Game Boy Advance SP - Flame on! ($81 shipped)

hot GBA news: "Square fans will be pleased to find out that Final Fantasy I & II are coming to the Game Boy Advance, along with updated graphics and some brand-new extras, all in a one package. Square fans will probably be equally crushed by the fact that a US release date has yet to be announced for this tidy little RPG package."

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