Sunday, April 11, 2004

first honest sleep in a long time last night. easter dinner was great as usual but the after-dinner pro-Bush, pro-war, pro-republican banter was a bit much. made it back to my apt in record time (2hrs 10min) after driving 85-95mph all the way. catnapped then off to the soldout Fantomas show...

Fantomas - Metro April 11 2004 amazing to get there as late i did and still get a prime spot along the rail. caught about 20min of Melt Banana who were amazing (and the bass player so adorably cute!). then Clie'd until 9pm when Fantomas took over. i stood roughly 8ft from Dave Lombardo w/Patton facing me on the other side of the stage. set was only an hour.ten but watching a mad scientist at work it was plenty. i figure half the crowd was there only to see Patton anyways (heard a girl take a cell call behind me yelling, "just waiting for mike patton to take the stage!") since even the all-star nature of Fantomas doesn't lend itself to accessibility. esp. their latest opus, which isn't accessible whatsoever. pull a file from the STK drive and you'll instantly see why. ^_^

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