Friday, April 09, 2004

8:45AM after a horrible night of sleep and no b-fast i meet up w/our clients and jonboy in the lobby and drive over to the client's office. and i'm just dying from lack of sleep as the fogginess and haze can't seem to leave my head or eyes. coffee not doing the trick. the toronto attendee throws out "no word of a lie" at some point and we acknowledge it as some canadian thing.

noon-1PM: lunch at some bizarre chicken joint across the street. feeling a bit better now. but the sleepiness seeps in and i'm wishing for type of amphetamine or cocaine about now.

2PM: can hardly keep my head in the meeting. still wishing for the cocaine.

3:30PM: play bejewelled a few times during the meeting and run some anki flashcards just to stay awake.

4:05PM: so fucking tired. eyelids heavy. struggling to stay awake.

4:30PM: finally i'm up. deliver my presentation among a few goodbyes (jlawrence & toronto attendee have flights to catch - lucky them). my deal goes well and i'm actually feeling awake for the first time.

5:30PM end the meeting and fight the traffic back to the hotel - get a side tour thru westmount where the rich ppl reside incl. an incredible old mansion once inhabited by charlie chaplin when he was kicked out of the US. freshen up and head to dinner in the old town area of the city. very cool. dine at a french restaurant and feast over one rich course after another. lots of wine and cheese to break it up. cap it all w/an expresso. bad move.

10:15PM back @the hotel and decide to walk off the meal. the food was rich almost to the point of nauseating. walk a mile down sherbrooke to the 1500 block and the gallery district. my stroll spans the length of McGill University (canada's Harvard) on the other side of the street. students and hotties abound.

11:15PM attempt to crash but instead stay awake all night. wonderful. i regret the expresso and wish i was home.

observations from the short stay in montreal: lots of french canadian hotties, everywhere. lots of mazda mx-3s, everywhere. lots of graffitti, everywhere on everything.

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