Tuesday, April 27, 2004

i just placed holds on 5 pokemon strategy guides @my library. and i picked up the Yellow guide for 9 bucks @half.com this morning. i figure if i'm gonna spend this much time on the damn franchise i might as well jump in face first and hope there's some water left in the bottom of the pool. (~4hrs last night on Yellow?)

installed my home DVD burner in my work machine and it works splendidly if not a bit of a drag on the OS (it's a slower machine). anyway the test burn went well and i killed 4.33gig of spiced files in one swoop. i'm looking forward to getting this HD cleaned out and usable again. only 45gigs to go!

so my work DVD-ROM went into my home PC (replaced my CD-ROM) and now i can successfully play my UT2004 disc once again. seems there was a bugger or two w/my new burner that didn't like that disc. ah well, it's all good now. i started watching Ninja Scroll the Series the other day... for a long while i wasn't interested but after watching ep1, i'm hooked. ep2 was just as good if not better. and it's pretty much like the movie altho maybe not quite as dark. yet still brutal and gory as all hell.

i _may_ watch idol since i at least have something to do now while it's on.

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