Wednesday, April 21, 2004

after much ballyhoo, i got the new dvd burner installed and working... quite a pain to get the apps to recognize it but finally it's working. 'cept now there's a conflict w/my PC and the drive with my UT2004 disc. it worked once. but not since... ugh. i may have to uninstall and reinstall using this drive. fantastic.

trying azureus torrent client and in some ways it's pretty cool and other ways not so hot. maybe i just need to learn how to use it properly. ah well. someday, i'm sure.

looks like i slided out of going to Toronto (co-worker gets the honor of going in my place). i'm thrilled about that. and, yes, i'm still stuck on pokemon and getting less and less quality sleep. and thanks to spice i set up my gMail acct. we'll see how that flies...

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