Saturday, April 10, 2004

yesterday i'm back at my car @10AM after the most agonizing flight i can remember in a long time. make a beeline to the library to pick up a bunch of holds they've been calling and leaving msgs about. walked out w/half dozen or so of books (incl. a couple of trades) and 5 dvds. finally home to unpack and repack for the weekend away to visit the 'rents for easter dinner.

nap for 5 hours. finish packing the car and on the road at 10PM (@folks' by 12:30). the sleep doesn't suit me so well and i remember last looking at the clock around 4AM this morning. up early to kick into the massive laundry i've been saving up for such an occasion. after a few loads head over to my dad's station for my free car wash (after unloading all my recyclables). take pop to Hungry Hobo for lunch then hit the davenport mall in search of cheap toys. pick up the only two micros left at suncoast ($2.24/each). stumble around the mall-gawkers for a bit then stop by Griggs Music to get the number of the guitar tech who worked on my guitar years ago.

slide in the bettendorf blockbuster that always has plenty of PVDs that most others don't have. only found 1 thing of interest; didn't buy. headed over to Good Will to drop off some items and then shop the attached Video Games Etc store. weekend sale was buy 1 get 1 half off. not really buying VGs right now so i picked a couple of used DVDs: slipknot's Disasterpiece (2-disc) for $12 and a strange (old) view askew release "Drawing Flies" starring Jason Lee for $5.

home to a snack, nap, and dinner. split for worst buy and was tempted by the GBA SP selection but passed... for now. checked the minidisc selection then cruised over to TRU and picked up a couple of clearanced DC controllers (madcatz and intec) for $5.46 total. also grabbed a bunch of those Stan Winston creature figures for $1.98/each (original srp $14.99!). according to his site, apparently he's involved in some lawsuit w/TRU hence the cheap prices for these. whatever. i'll take just about any cool hunk of poseable plastic for cheap.

off to Whitey's for a soft cone then back home w/the 'rents and my annual rejection of mom's invite to join them for easter services at church. i can't remember the last time i went w/them for easter but you'd think she'd give up one of these years. ah well. off bed and some anime watching before crashing. 'nite!

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