Friday, April 30, 2004

I don't love Google but here's More Reasons to Love Google. in light of their recent IPO announcement they're still trying to be the same wise-ass punks they were when they quietly took over the search engine crown. giving the big FUCK YOU to wall street takes brass balls, sure. i applaud them for that but inevitably they'll become the same big corporation they so easily dismiss now. anyways, yesterday i started reading Page's verbose diatribe contained in their IPO form... it was fun at first but grew tiring after a while of the same "we're gonna be a different $2.7 billion IPO" ad nauseam.

oh, sure. of course you'll be different, Google. the tongues will be up your ass for a change. ok, read the Wired thing b/c it captures all the highlights. worth the read if you use the internet (which is you, sucker!).

"Auction site eBay, meanwhile, is trading at 22 times its revenue with a market cap of $53-billion."

(yay! my pokemon yellow guide book arrived! w00t!)

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