Monday, April 19, 2004

literally just walked in the door from the Rasputina show. christ, why did it have to be a sunday night. anyways, they rokked. it was loud as all hell. they did 22 songs total. just wish it hadn't been so freakin' late!

1. things i'm gonna do
2. my orphanage
3. antiquehighheelreddollshoes
4. if your kisses can't hold the man you love
5. howard hughes
6. rock n roll
7. rose k
8. the mayor
9. secret message
10. watch tv
11. wicked dickie
12. momma was an opium smoker
13. when i was a young girl
14. barracuda
15. saline the salt lake queen
16. rats
17. high on life

18. rusty
19. new zero(!)
20. baby got back (by request)
21. concubine remix
22. bad moon rising

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