Tuesday, April 06, 2004

i won $55 in the pool. 1st place b/c evil brad forgot to include a final score (which is the tie breaker). whatever. i won. first time. lots of 2nds and 3rds over the years but never 1st place. despite that, plenty of nervous tension in me. i fly to montreal tomorrow and i'm not prepared to go. and i didn't want to go in the first place. i have no clue where all the identification items are that i need in order to get into canada in case they ask for them (no, i never got that fucking passport so stop asking me). so i have to look thru all my crap tonight in hopes of finding *something* i can use for ID. that and pack for the stupid trip.

i should be happy. besides winning $55, i picked up the new In Flames album released today. That along w/the latest Muse and Fantomas releases. but alas, i am not very happy right now. i'm not looking forward to digging around for ID material.

i just want to take a nap. i'm not getting consistent sleep so i'm constantly in a haze... this morning i had some weird dream with rasputina in it (likely due to listening to them just before falling asleep). and there was some cool g/f i had w/the same name as the guy from australia that builds xml feeds for overture. the dream was all sorts of weird but i cannot remember much of it now, unfortunately. all i remember was that it was wacky and cool somewhat. head's just not in game today.

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