Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bank Robbing Business

OK, it's day 2 of VA-1 and quite a big day as the formal announcement of the app we developed was delivered by the Lt Governor. Was very cool to be a part of it. RT took me to a fucking amazing French restaurant. So damn good. After I got back to the hotel I walked about a mile and half to a theater on the other side of the Short Pump Galleria to watch Ben Affleck's The Town (2010). Another goddamn pricey theater for a subpar experience (not to mention the fucking asshole kids in the back of our theater talking… after numerous times telling them to be quiet they left. Thank gods b/c I was verging on kill). So at least an hour of the film was interruption free. And it's a damn fine film. Pulled a punch in the end but everything up to that is very strong. Affleck made me love him again and Renner is brilliant. 7.8/10

Back at the hotel I caught Adrian Grenier's Teenage Paparazzo (2010) on HBO. Wasn't planning to watch the whole thing but it was interesting as Adrian talks w/a variety of celebls to get their take on paparazzi and much of the film focuses on this young kid, considered the youngest paparazzi. Not a bad watch at all. 7/10
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