Sunday, October 24, 2010

Horror Society Film Festival - Day Two

I arrived just in time for the first feature of Slime City (1988), kind of a cult classic that is more humorous than frightening. Overall strange story with those jars of slime as I'm not sure I totally understood what was going on with that. Scott Finnegan was there so we hung out while waiting for Ron to show up. 6.7/10

Next feature is the long in the making sequel to Slime City, Slime City Massacre (2010) also directed by Greg Lamberson. I mostly enjoyed the stylings of this sorta post-apocalyptic & oppressive view on the Slime mythology. For a low budget flick, it's not terrible but man was there overuse of the Wilhelm scream. Made it really silly. But great to see Debbie Rochon. 6.2/10

After viewing Satan Hates You (2009), Ron & I agreed that it isn't a horror film. What it is is the most fucked up pro-God flick I've seen. The entire film is about two characters who both take wrong paths (influenced by two of Satan's helpers) but finally come to see the evil in their ways. Was great to see Angus Scrimm as the televangelist priest and Michael Berryman as Bible-thumper. Such an odd film I'm still not sure what to make of it. And Debbie Rochon again! 6.5/10

Finally the main feature of the evening, Lamberto Bava's Demons (1985) in 35mm!! Really been looking forward to this as it's an ideal horror film to show in an old theater (since the entire plot involves people watching an horror movie and trapped in a theater). Oh em gee was this a riot with our audience. I think my ribcage was sore from laughing so much. Love the helicopter deus ex machina. Glad to see this with Ron and Scott, who both loved it, of course. 7.5/10

And with that, the Horror Society Film Festival was over. Huge thanks to Mitch and Jessica for putting together such an awesome event over the whole weekend! Already excited about what might happen next year!
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