Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Revolting Rabbits

Took the Metra back into downtown for CIFF single screening of Rabbit Hole (2010) for which I bought a ticket last week solely based on Scott Weinberg's raving review out of TIFF. For $15 and the trouble to get there it better be a damn good film. I'm happy to report that it is a very fine film but not quite all that. Kidman & Eckhart are terrific as mourning parents. Love the comic book angle which was a nice surprise. Recommended watch but not sure you have to go out to the theater to catch this one (unless you're attempting to see all the major releases this year). By some miracle I walked out of River East AMC and ran to the Metra station making it to my train with 5 minutes to spare. Still can't believe I caught that train. Would've had to wait another hour if not. 8/10

Later that evening I caught up with Michael Cera (again?!) in his fine turn in Miguel Arteta's Youth in Revolt (2010). Wow. This one surprised me as I wasn't expecting much from it. But found myself enjoying it more and more as it went along. I like the duel identity plot line with Cera essentially portraying two characters; his weak nerdy self and his more debonair rambunctious alter ego. Also really dig the girl in this. I'll probably pick this up someday on blu-ray. Now regret not going to the advanced screening w/the Cera Q&A. 7.8/10
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