Monday, October 18, 2010

Undead & Blind Dead

Heard that Shock Waves (1977) was on Netflix Instant Watch and based on its premise (Nazi zombies!) you know I had to see it. It features Perter Cushing as the mad scientist on a seemingly deserted island. A group of people get shipwrecked there and discover his pad when things begin to go south. Not a bad watch. 6.5/10

Rewatched Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971) because I was compiling my Top Ten Underrated Horror list for Rupert (@bobfreelander) which you can read here: Sleestakk's Underrated Horror Films. Here's what I wrote specifically about this title: Admittedly not the greatest example of seventies Euro-horror but this Spanish film wins in the imagery department. Death rides a horse is literal as these night riders return from the grave and terrorize their victims. Slow motion scenes of shrouded figures on horseback will leave an impression as they gallop through the darkness. Visually nightmarish and rightfully so.
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  • October Re-watch: 8
  • October Total: 39
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