Saturday, October 02, 2010

Let The Horror In

Hit up AMC Showplace 12 for a screening of Christian Alvart's Case 39 (2009 but US 2010), a film that made some years ago and shelved. Actually I guess it's been available on home video overseas for a while. For whatever reason it got its theatrical release now and I've heard so-so things. All this made me curious enough to check it out. And it ain't bad if you can tolerate a hamster staring at the sun for 90 minutes... I mean Renée Zellweger. The plot w/the kid is predictable from the word go but I found it interesting to see how it would resolve. Not worth the $10 I paid (discovered that Showplace weekend matinees went up in price) but an okay rental. 6.3/10

And because I'm in the mood to support horror films this weekend, I went to the all digital Muvico for the late screening of Let Me In (2010), the Matt Reeves adaptation or remake of Let The Right One In. Overall dug this flick esp. the look and tone. Perfectly captures that late '70s period. This film would be exceptional had the other film not been released 2 years ago. My only gripe is the CGI. Wish it had been done differently. Chloe Moretz is fabulous. 7.4/10

Finally finished The Atomic Submarine (1959), which wasn't the film I thought it was but still an engaging watch. Kinda surprised this is a Criterion. This might be one I revisit later. 6.4/10
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