Saturday, October 16, 2010

Northern Norse Nights

The Norseman (1978) is a film I saw on the MGMHD schedule and knew I had.. *HAD* to watch. It features Lee Majors as a Norse viking captain leading a ship of vikings to rescue the previous ship of vikings now prisoners of the indians… er, Native Americans. Holy schtick is this move awful. Not only is Majors' southern drawl distracting, all, and I mean all, the acting is terrible. Even Jack Elam appears to be phoning it in (don't blame him). Also quite rich that a few of the vikings are black… er, African American. Or African Norsemen. Huh? 3/10

Ya know, I've been wanting to see Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout (2009) since it hit the theaters last year. I probably would've gone to see it then if not for the avalanche of bad press & WOM. That said, I didn't find that flick all that bad. Sure, it has problems and some silly turns not to mention a kinda sorta lukewarm payoff. But watchable. And I like to watch Beckinsale. 6/10

Daughters of Satan (1972) I captured on TCM as part of their Movie Morlock Underground Horror Friday nights. Tom Selleck fights off the cult of witches. It's terrible and brilliant at the same time. I love that there is a painting that keeps changing and that the cultists come non-threatening onto their property. Really a classic in stupidity. 6/10

A long time ago, in a lifetime far away I watched George A. Romero's Knightriders (1981). But I only vaguely remembered it and definitely did not recall the 2.5 hour runtime. Seriously? Pretty sure the version I saw was edited down for cable because this film has no business being this long. It lost me after the first 45 - 60 minutes when everything important happens. If you would've told that Ed Harris was the lead star in this flick I say STFU. 6/10 (for just the cool knights on bikes action)
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