Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Monster Pig

First day of the month and I end up downtown with Ron for a Century Landmark screening of Monsters (2010) directed by Gareth Edwards, a film both of us really wanted to see on the big screen. Well, as big as Century will allow (all those screens aren't very big). Very interesting and enjoyable road trip/love story set after an alien invasion. Clunky dialogue but shot well. Glad to have seen it but really want to see it again to see how well it holds up. 7.7/10

Back home for Horror Movie Night and Razorback (1984), a Warner Archives DVD I picked up used for $3 at HPB but haven't watched. Good thing it was set for tonight because it's a damn excellent flick with a massive monster boar. Really love this film. 7/10
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  • December Re-watch: 0
  • December Total: 2
  • 2010 TOTAL: 719

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