Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cowboys vs. Ninjas

This morning I headed over to Muvico to catch the digital presentation of Sngmoo Lee's The Warrior's Way (2010). Apparently this was originally titled the "Laundry Warrior" which is reason enough for the change. This genre mash of Old East meets Old West action adventure is akin to a live action anime and I appreciate what it tries to do under that premise. Not many would consider this a good film (I've heard some say it's absolutely terrible) but it's the kind of silly fun that I enjoy on the big screen. No surprise there. Jang Dong-gun carries the strength needed in the lead while Danny Huston and Geoffrey Rush chew up the scenery in OTT performances. Kate Bosworth is... not very good. Great to see Ti Lung but he's not given much to do. 6.8/10

Received both Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) and When in Rome (2010) from my library. One was good the other not so good. HTTM is charming but the 80s jokes wear a bit thin. Still a fine watch. Rob Corddry steals most of the best scenes. 7/10 WIR however is DOA. If not for the super attractive and photogenic Kristen Bell, who makes this dud very watchable, this would be tedious. 5/10

In my project to track down all the Alice in Wonderland films, I also watched Alice Through the Looking Glass (1966), produced for TV and directed by Alan Handley. I was prompted to this one by @ReelDistraction's tweet of some of the cast members which include: Jimmy Durante, Ricardo Montalban and the Smothers Brothers. Not a bad watch but overall lacks the oomph of some of the other adaptations I've seen to date. Jack Palance dressed up as the Jabberwock is something to behold. 6.2/10
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