Friday, December 17, 2010

Hell in a Elevator

I ordered Hellevator (2004) a.k.a. Gusher No Binds Me a.k.a. The Bottled Fools from Neflix because I very curious to see another performance by Luchino Fujisaki, who is wonderful in Edmund Yeo's Kingyo (2009). And altho she's not given that much to do in Hellevator, Luchino is very good here, her first feature film. The film itself is very interesting. The director Hiroki Yamaguchi was awarded a limited budget based on a short he did and was able to create a convincing dystopian future in where everyone lives inside a giant structure with hundreds of floors for living, shopping, prison, etc. The effects & props are believable. The film focuses on one elevator full of passengers when things go awry when a couple of violent prisoners are boarded. I was engaged the entire time wondering how this would resolve. Very solid watch. Yamaguchi demonstrates a very promising style and eye for direction; sadly Yamaguchi hasn't gone on to direct anything else. Edmund told me that Yamaguchi was the one who introduced him to Luchino. Also interesting that Luchino replaced her given name "Rukino" with her character name from Hellevator. 6.5/10

Then late night viewing on NWI with Cherry 2000 (1987), a futuristic tale of one man's quest to repair his broken android bride (Pamela Gidley) by searching the wastelands outside of the city. Melanie Griffith becomes his escort to help fight off the bandits. Lots of familiar faces throughout. Decent watch. 6/10
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