Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tarzan is Not Alone

After hearing GGTMC cover Gaspar Noé's I Stand Alone (1998) I knew it was something I had to see soon. It's everything they've said and definitely a must-see, esp. if you like what Noé's been doing in cinema. And it's just as fucked up. It's the tale of an aging ex-con butcher trying to restart his life only to find it's not worth the effort and opts for one final intimate visit with his mentally challenged daughter. Or does he? Now I know where that fetus-punching scene comes from in FF's 100 Greatest Kills. 7.4/10

Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953) is a blast! Can only imagine how fun it was to go to the theater back in the day and watch serial adventure films like this. Lex Barker's Tarzan goes head to head against villain Vargo (Raymond Burr). Of course there's Joyce Mackenzie as Tarzan's beautiful Jane and Monique van Vooren as Lyra the She-Devil. Yes, the women here are insanely attractive. I really should try to watch all the Warner Archive Tarzan flicks since my library has all of them. 7.1/10
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