Friday, December 31, 2010

Mother, Dogtooth, & A Prophet

Ah, New Years Eve and my last day of 2010 movie watching. Wanted to go out with a bang so I purposely selected films I thought had a chance to make my top ten list for the year. I was right. All the films I saw tonight were excellent. First up courtesy of NWI was Bong Joon-ho's Mother (2009). Really superb story of the lengths at which one mother will go for her falsely accused son. Lives up to the hype and definitely top ten material. Must-see for everyone. 8/10

Next was a film I've heard so much about during the year including a few people who placed this at the top of their 2010 list. Had to see it. Dogtooth (2009) premiered at the start of year and is a hard film to describe with giving away what makes it so special. It just needs to be experienced. Go in with no expectations and let it unfold before you. Definitely another I can see revisiting. 7.8/10

Lastly I opted for Un prophète (2009), another film with plenty of buzz. Definitely deserves the accolades. At 2.5 hours long, this is journey of an imprisoned muslim (Tahar Rahim) in France that rises through the ranks to become a prison boss. Niels Arestrup as his mentor is also fantastic. Jacques Audiard directs each sequence like its own stand-alone film. Such a rich movie that I could see watching more often if not for its length. Really ended the year on a high note. 8/10

Happy New Year!

  • December New: 70
  • December Re-watch: 6
  • December Total: 76
  • 2010 TOTAL: 793

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