Monday, March 29, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

Thanks to a recent user post on Flickchart I ordered Grandma's Boy (2006). I can see why this film gets the love; it's deeply rooted in early naughts geek culture. Cute flick and super hot Linda Cardellini. Must-see for gaming nerds.

Crossed off another recent blindspot with the Coen Bros.' Burn After Reading (2008). While this film does have its moments and some stellar acting from an ensemble cast, I wasn't in to it. It kinda just ebbs and flows but never peaks. Bit of a disappointment.

Got wind of Uninvited (1988) from my tallyteer friends and knew it was something I had to see. This is one helluva horror flick and maybe the best (only?) one featuring a mutant cat terrorizing a group of people on a yacht. Hilarious attack scenes esp. when George Kennedy gets his ankle chewed. Also features a young Rob Estes (Silk Stalkings anyone?) and the great Clu Gulager.

From a recent /filmcast suggestion, I also watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), the feature anime based on the '94 TV series (& novel). Genuinely a very sweet film with an interesting take on time loop device.

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