Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Forgetful

The People That Time Forgot (1977) is the fantasy adventure sequel to The Land That Time Forgot in where a rescue team ventures off to save Doug McClure's Bowen Tyler character from the previous film. Altho this one isn't as good as its predecessor it's still quite fun and features a couple of beautiful actresses (one being Sarah Douglas!). Apparently David Prowse (Darth Vader) is the executioner in this but I think that's a mistake b/c 1) Can't see Prowse taking this role AFTER doing Star Wars 2) the guy in this film is a huge bodybuilder type. If I see Prowse at a Con again I'm gonna ask him about it.

About a Boy (2002) is another film I've managed to avoid up until now. Was pleasantly surprised by it. Good watch.

If I could find the blu-ray at a reasonable price for Wong Kar Wai's Ashes Of Time Redux (1994), I'd buy it. Hell, I might just bite it and buy the $30 import. I watched original version some years ago during movie night @ Ron's and have been looking forward to seeing the Redux, in which additional scenes have been added, a new score as been added and the entire film has been remastered. Looks much, much better than the crappy version we originally viewed. Such a somber yet gorgeous film. Watched the interview features that shed more light on this restoration. A must-see for Wong Kar Wai fans and fans of this kind of cinema (check a real review for more insight on the beauty of this film; I'm not qualified for such a thing).

Taking several, several steps down from that, I finished watching Troma's Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990). As much as love this type of genre mix (post-apocalyptic, fantasy adventure), this flick is a dog. Not even a very long I couldn't finish in one sitting (via NWI). Shocked this is out of print. Or maybe it no longer needs to be in print.

A much better retro flick on NWI is Trancers (1985), featuring Tim Thomerson in the Rick Deckard role (this is after all an ape of Blade Runner). But for a 80s b-movie it's done well enough to make it enjoyable and stand on its own (enough to spawn 5 sequels!). Also features a very young and cute Helen Hunt.

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