Saturday, March 27, 2010

Repossessed and Undressed

Via NWI I devoured Roberto Mauri's Slaughter of the Vampires (1962), a delicious b&w Italo-horror w/a bevy of beauties (Graziella Granata is crazy beautiful and sumptuous). Story isn't all that and silly at times (they can't find a coffin in the wine cellar?!). But a fun watch w/nice contrasts.

Don't normally gravitate towards Adam Sandler flicks but needed to cross Big Daddy (1999) off the list. Not great but not terrible. Better than I expected (which still isn't saying much). Passable and I like Leslie Mann.

Headed out to catch Repo Men (2010) trying to keep my expectations in check based on all the bad I'd heard / read about the film. Definitely has several issues (an identity issue being the biggest one) but the more I think on this one the more I like it for what it is. Definitely has some great scenes, in particular, the Cronenberg-esque ending. Understand why the critics piled on but this film isn't any worse than Daybreakers and will find an audience when it hits DVD (kinda like Law Abiding Citizen).

Thrilled to witness the Fred Olen Ray / Jim Wynorski collaboration Dinosaur Island (1994). Incredibly stupid yet incredibly sexy thanks to April, May & June. Don't necessarily need my fantasy adventure flicks to be so overtly sexual but these guys know how to pull it off (literally) and make it fun. Hoping that with the release of the Popatopolis doc some of these films will be re-released in a Wynorski collected set.

Finally watched my blu-ray of Stargate (1994), which is to say I finally watched Stargate. Almost criminal that I've watched a episodes of the television series yet never managed to watch the entire film. Also sad that I've seen most of Emmerich's other features before this one and yet this is the best of the lot. Kurt Russell is great, natch. Holds up rather well.

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