Saturday, March 20, 2010

Terminal Velocity

Going into Spielberg's The Terminal (2004) I will admit to not being all that enthusiastic about it based on what I knew and the trailers. Nor was I all that keen on seeing Hanks playing the fish out of water foreigner. But something happened as I watched... I was taken in by the story and wonderful acting. Didn't realize that Diego Luna & Zoe Saldana were in this or how incredibly stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones would be. On record as stating this is the best she has ever looked. Tho I had a few problems with the film, glad it didn't have a Hollywood ending (as much as I kinda wanted it). Thanks to my low expectations I was impressed.

Dipping back into the early 80s sci-fi adventure genre I opted for Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983), which I expected would be another one I'd enjoy. Instead I was rather bored by it despite the inclusion of Michael Ironside. Molly Ringwald is cute and Peter Strauss is good but overall it just didn't come together very well. Disappointing. Can't believe this was released in 3-D.

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