Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Express Blobbity Blob

Somehow alluding me was the 1988 remake of The Blob, which I got tired of hearing about how great this film is so I made a point of picking it up from the library. Indeed it lives up to the hype and would say that it's better than the original.

In my recent quest to watch as many of Andy Sidaris films that one could possibly endure, I received Malibu Express (1985) from Netflix and was excited to sink into this one. And it lives up to the Sidaris reputation! There's a lot of boobs in this one in addition to the expected bullets, bombs & babes. Really dug Darby Hinton as Cody Abilene, a cowboy in L.A. Lots of car race/chase scenes too. Incredibly bad that it's so good. I'm sad all the Sidaris flicks are now OOP.

Another 80s staple I missed during its run (and numerous screenings on cable) is Solarbabies (1986), a post-apocalyptic hokey adventure on roller skates. The movie really isn't any good but I can see how there's nostalgia attached to this one. Was great to see the very young Jason Patric and Jami Gertz but overall I was pretty bored by 3rd act. And Sarah Douglas wasn't on screen enough to make it interesting to me. Wow, I watched all 80s flicks tonight!

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