Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terrorized In Time

I find myself often embarrassed when I admit to having not seen such films like the Coen Bros.' sublime Barton Fink (1991) but I have no excuses. This is definitely one of those films that I'm already looking forward to seeing again. So many little touches to notice. And possibly my favorite John Goodman role.

A film I'm not embarrassed having not seen until now is Brett Ratner's Red Dragon (2002). Not to say this is bad film because I actually rather enjoyed it. But it doesn't resonate nearly as well as the other Hannibal films. But Ralph Fiennes was entertaining.

An old school sci-fi b-movie I found on the wire Time Travelers (1966) is quite silly but, strangely enough, an interesting tale of time travel. Really dug the creepy cyborgs and how they provided the creation of them. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

Galaxy of Terror (1981) is yet another terrific little early 80s science fiction film from Roger Corman's stable of films. The assembled cast is also quite interesting w/a post-Happy Days Erin Moran (Joanie), pre-Nightmare Robert Englund, Ray Walston, and Sid Haig among others. Very fun watch 'cept for the ambiguous limp finale. Sad this film is OOP but look at that film poster! Amazingly cool.

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