Friday, March 05, 2010

A Day in the Life

Paid my last visit to Stanford Theatre and the Kurosawa Festival with the screening of One Wonderful Sunday (1947). This is a fine example of Kurosawa showing off his Frank Capra influence in this one day depiction of a slice of life of a young couple trying to make the best of their day in post-war Japan.

Wasn't sure I was so into this film but as it went along I came to enjoy it more and more. Reflecting on it now I really have a fondness for this film. I also experienced the greatest moment ever with an audience in a theater. There's a moment in the film where my audience actually began to clap intensely cued by the scene onscreen. Even I joined the applause. It was something I'll never forget and certainly will make my trips to Stanford Theatre even more memorable.

Returned to hotel to catch the animated feature Balto (1995), which is based on a true story about a sled dog that brings medicine to Nome, Alaska. Have a feeling that some of the drama, the villainous Steele, and talking animals weren't part of the real story.

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