Friday, March 19, 2010

Great White Gunfighter

Have I mentioned how much I love 70s sci-fi fantasy adventure flicks? Thanks to Hulu I caught up with yet another Kevin Connor classic in At the Earth's Core (1976), featuring none other than Doug McClure along w/a humorous Peter Cushing and longtime crush Caroline Munro (mmm). Yes, this film is awful particularly the opening capsule scene of the journey. So damn corny yet so damn delicious (to probably only me). I'll probably should buy the midnight movies edition.

Jaws 2 (1978) I haven't seen since sometime in the 80s. The only things I remembered were that fabulous poster and how it ends. Going in I thought it wasn't too bad but as this film progresses I realized what makes it bad (at least compared to masterpiece before it). There's not much character development or great dialogue. It's one set piece after another to get to the finale. Still worth seeing for the great, late Roy Scheider.

A couple Kinji Fukasaku films were added to NWI so naturally I had to watch one. Blackmail Is My Life (1968) is enjoyable as it follows a group of hustlers looking for the next big score. Glad films like this are available via Netflix WI.

Another film I haven't seen since I was a child is John Wayne's last feature performance in The Shootist (1976). I'm not fully cognizant of the details behind the making of this film so whether intentionally or not it parallels Wayne's real life struggle with cancer in his final days. Wayne as a gunfighter accepting his inevitable demise is simply exceptional here as are Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard and Jimmy Stewart. Didn't remember much of story details but the final gunfight has always been unforgettable. Truly a fine, fine film.

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