Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Incredible Torture Evening

Because a few films were expiring on NWI and not available as DVD rentals, I made a point to watch a couple. First up was Joel Reed's bizarre torture porn feature Bloodsucking Freaks (1976), which is as blatant and explicit as anything you might see today. And in some ways even worse as Sardu's magic act is really no act at all yet to the unsuspecting audience they have no idea that the gruesome bits are very real. No, this is not a good film tho highly exploitative. But still worth watching for fans of exploitation, horror and the time period.

Next up was the now OOP The Children (1980). Always quite horrific when the children are the monsters and here they are radiation infected zombie children that are unstoppable... until their hands are cut off. While not great this is still a decent siege film.

Lastly on NWI for the night was the animated science fiction horror flick Dead Space: Downfall (2008). They manage to cram every device from this mixed genre into a tight, thrilling ride of scenes you've seen in most live-action features of its ilk. Not original or inspiring but a watchable animated flick that plays like a clip reel of the best scenes from every other sci-fi horror film you've already seen.

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