Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prowling Iceland

It may have been a post on Cinematical that prompted me to drop Astropia (2007) into my Netflix queue. Possibly the geekiest & goofiest Icelandic film I've seen. Okay, the only Icelandic film I've seen. Truly a fun yet odd film from Iceland rife with geek pop culture (think Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings meets The Matrix in a crime comedy). As the highest grossing film in Iceland in 2007, this is a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Followed that with Joe Zito's brilliant slasher The Prowler (1981). Agree w/several of my peers that this is an underrated film that suffers from its original poor distribution during the height of slasher films (it was overshadowed by all the other slasher flicks that received better theatrical runs). Has some great Tom Savini kills and a great location on the Jersey coast. The DVD commentary w/Zito & Savini is also a fun listen. The extras also include many of the original adverts. Great stuff to see.

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