Monday, March 22, 2010

Clue of the Identities

In the lead up to Shutter Island, Scorsese admitted to being influenced by Val Lewton, and having seen his film I felt it was worth revisiting some of Lewton's productions. In Isle of the Dead (1945) the easiest comparisons can be drawn from the mysterious island to the enforced stay of the visitors. Also it's incredibly scary (for those frightened by the living dead). Well worth a look before or after seeing Shutter Island.

Finally spun Clueless (1995) in its entirety. Only seen this movie in clips, bits & pieces. Wild to see these actors so young, esp. Paul Rudd, yet sadly being a film of its time it doesn't hold up all that well. Maybe more nostalgic for those that grew up w/it.

Sometimes it's surprising how lauded David Cronenberg is by Criterion considering the bulk of their releases. But for film geeks it should be no surprise. To think that even Dead Ringers (1988) was granted a Criterion seal of approval is a feat. Not that it isn't worthy (it is) but given the material it might come as a head-scratcher for those Criterion buffs out there (or not). Certainly Jeremy Irons deserves all the accolades for pulling off two convincing and distinguishable roles but it's really Cronenberg that deserves all the credit for crafted this film.

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